Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

Brittany and her family made a surprise visit for Thanksgiving.
I had NO idea they were coming up and we were all
a little sad that Erik, Brittany and their families couldn't make
Thanksgiving but.... Britt surprised us. The only thing
that would have made it perfect is if Erik and crew would
have been able to make it. We really missed them.
This pic is all the cooks using the new kitchen
to cook up some fabulous food.
Calvin, Oren, and Elizabeth ready to chow down.
Elizabeth is the only 3 yr.old who when asked what
her favorite fruit is says GRAPEFRUIT. So Grandma always
makes sure she stops at Costco and buys the ready
to go grapefruit cups for Lulu.
The dress Lulu is wearing is Brittany's old Sunshine Generation
outfit. Lulu loved wearing it til it gave her a terrible rash.
Playing Hungry Hungry Hippo. Calvin really liked this game.
I love Goodwill here and their game selection.
Games are cheap and almost always have all the pieces.
Of course Thanksgiving in Montana is never complete unless
you go hunting for something. Alex just had to go duck hunting.
So before the rest of us were even finished eating
Alex is ready to go. That kid just quacks me up. haha

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Teri said...

You guys all quack me up!!