Monday, April 13, 2009

Governor Intervenes

Dateline Stevensville, Montana. An appeal filed at the last minute by the activist organization PETA (people eating tasty animals) has resulted in a temporary stay of execution by Governor Schweitzer for convicted egghead I.G. Joe who was sentenced to death by firing squad by Judge Alex Sorenson on April 11, 2009. All avenues of appeal should be exhausted (we sure are) by Friday April 17, 2009.

Seriously we had technical difficulties resulting in an unexpected trip to Kalispell and back which lasted from 7 in the morning until 5:30 tonight. Sorry for the delay in egg assassinations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Coloring at the Sorenson's

At the Sorenson household we really "HUNT" our Easter eggs. We blast them with a .22 cal. rifle. It is the best way we have found to HUNT eggs.

Alex really got into coloring his "eggs" this year.


The following has been rated PG 13

for gore and the mention of violence.!!


We have I.G. Joe.

Named I.G. instead of G.I. from one of Bill Ingvall's comedy routines which our family thinks is funny.

Notice the camo helmet. Alex then decided I.G. Joe needed a girlfriend.

Now finding the right I.G. Jane was quite the task because each time right before she met I.G.Joe she kept getting killed in action (dropped on the floor or table). Finally one was found (made).

Just when I.G. Jane and I.G. Joe's eyes meet under heavy "shelling" (teehee), I.G. Jane is assassinated by a Sniper!!!

Joe runs to her side to save her but she has already given up the "yolk".

As blood runs down her dead face Jane ascends to that great breakfast plate in the sky. sniff, sniff, wipe nose

There was no before picture of Jane because the sniper got to her before the field photographer could snap some shots.

Notice exit wound.

Alas I.G. Jane could not fulfill I.G. Joe's desire for a combat ready "chick".

But as her egghead(body) was being lowered into the ground he saw his soul mate across the grave.

I.G. Josie.......

a match made on the battlefield of Bromley's egg plant.

Little do they know they are both in "Alex the Sniper's"

cross hairs only to be assassinated on Monday at high noon.

No Yolk, that is the end.
But tune in Tuesday for the R rated version of the assassination caught on tape.

No live chickens were killed in the making of this production
All egg artwork done by Alex Sorenson.

Just some more pics of coloring eggs. 8 dozen.

Kayla's candy corn.

I really rotated this before posting

(still computer illiterate)

Emo chick scared I.G. JOE camo?

Fun was had by all and the eggs are awaiting their fate on Monday. TeeHee

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scouting- Alex receives his first palm

Alex was receiving his first palm after acheiving his Eagle. For those of you who aren't familiar with scouts to receive a palm you must complete 5 more merit badges AFTER earning your Eagle award. This is also another 1st. Neither Bryan or I are in scout uniforms. This is the first time at least one of us has not been in scouts. Bryan says he feels naked. Congrats to Alex. He will be receiving his 2nd palm the end of April. He should have had both by the end of last year but our troop is a little SLOOOOW.


I say BBQ anytime, rain or shine or even SNOW!!!

By the way the ribs were fantastic!!!

Ski Bunny or Skiing down the bunny hill

This is Mickayla and her instructor going down the bunny hill. This was Mickayla's first time skiing since she was about 5 or 6. After a few down times down the bunny hill she ditched the poles. I don't think I could ever ski without poles. I need my security blanket. She did a great job and it snowed all day so there was great snow to ski on.