Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halloween with the grandkids.

I got so excited about posting that I kinda got out of order.
This was suppose to be before the Family pics. oh well.......
Anyway since Madison was born right before Halloween Bryan
and I were able to spend Halloween with the grandkids.
What a fun time. Sharilyn outdid (is that a word) herself and
brought downfrom SLC all the stuff for lunch and a party.
Super job Sharilyn! It was so fun.
I got my first tattoo. I would post a picture but.........wait.....wait........
it washed off in the shower before we could snap one.
Brakken gave me one and picked it out. A flower.
In this picture the kids are all hunting for paper ghosts hiding around the yard.

Pirate Captain Brakken (with a flower purse teehee).
Captain playing in the leaves with Grandpa.
Grandpa hides in the leaves and then jumps out and
scares all the little kiddos, over and over again.
Monkey Ryker.

Scullery wenches!! HOT scullery wenches.
Doesn't Britt look great for having a baby 4 days ago

Risky Business here. This is Calvin before costume.
This is his own thing. We laughed so hard when he came out
and he doesn't even have a clue who Tom Cruise is. hahaha

Cowboy Calvin gettin' ready for the roundup
Princess Lulu
Princess Lulu???
We laugh at Elizabeth being a princess because every year for
Halloween her mom (Britt)was either a princess or fairy princess,
basically wings or no wings. Now Elizabeth is
following in her Halloween footsteps.
Notice the color of shirt has changed underneath.
She must have gotten a DROP of water on the other
one and had to change.Elizabeth is so funny about that.
Glad I don't have to wash her clothes.

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