Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Photo Shoot 1B

I thought everyone might enjoy seeing some more pics
of the family. I always love to see everyones pictures
of their families so I think everyone else does too.
We think this skewed face of Alex's is so funny.

A 1/4 of Alex's life is spent thumbing through the Cabelas catalog.
I remember when I was in Italy we met a lady from Australia
who had a son who's dream was to one day go to America
and go to a Cabelas store. And he was 23.
So I guess this phenomenon is all over the world. Go figure.
I don't even want to know what Tasha was thinking.
We were just goofing off and then as we were going through the
pictures Mickayla said she really liked this one. Me too.
The kid is crazy.
I like the month on Mickayla. It is a perfect little wavy month.

Notice when the rest of us take pictures of the
photographer the color is not always the best but
I liked this picture of Bryan anyway.


kleinmanfamily said...

I can't believe how everyone has grown up!! I love the gingerbread houses!! they are fabulous!
miss you

Royell Phong said...

I wish I could get some good pictures of my kids! Yours seem to be at home in front of that camera! All I get is grump faces, maybe a smile now and again. (if I'm lucky)Love looking at your blog! said...

I LOVE you guys!

supermanweldon said...

you know a few of those pictures look a lot like elder sorenson when he wakes up in the morning ;)