Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Kitchen

Erik you had better appreciate these cause it took your old,
feeble, computer illiterate mother 1 whole hour and a half
to get this right (after calling dad 3 times for HELP).
Yes Lisa I know you are laughing.
As most of you know this summer our dishwasher
decided to malfunction and flood our kitchen a wee bit.
Thank goodness for insurance so we were
able to get basically a brand new kitchen as the damage ruined
the floor and cabinets. Now a lot had to stay the same because
insurance was involved but I am so excited with the results!!!
So follow us through our renovation.

Free help is always good and we got paid by the insurance company

We usually take our shoes off when we are in the house but
I went to putting mine back on because I kept
getting BIG slivers in my feet from the "floor".
We have switched from apples to Chickens and Apples.
New curtains. However you will notice they are not finished
in the rest of the kitchen

Pot rack moved. Now maybe it will be out
of the way of Brittany's head. teehee
Check out the new faucet and sink the plumber picked out.
I think he did a great job. We love it.
New dishwasher. Better not malfunction!!

This is my very favorite part of the whole kitchen, besides looking
fabulous it has 2 ovens!! Wahoo!! And the new range has 5 burners
and is big enough for my 2 big canning pots. Yahoo!
This kitchen was terrific during Thanksgiving.
I LOVE the microwave at a lower level
and not being above the range stovetop. I still have
2 huge shelves in the cabinets that have
absolutely nothing in them. Wow.
I also have the cabinets that have the pull out shelf/drawer.
Also all drawers have full extension pull out.
Hope you all enjoyed the pics.
Aww finished after 3 months.
I was the one who took 3 months because I could not
purchase anything without it being on sale.
Laugh if you want but that oven /microwave wall unit I
only paid $ 347.00 for new in the box.
Check out the prices online if you want to see
what a screaming deal I got.
So 3 months wait was definitely worth the price.
Come over and I will fix an awesome meal for you.
Hint hint, come visit!
And for those of you who know me really well it actually
stays clean 87% of the time verses 45 % before. haha


Teri said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I can't wait until we get to re-do ours, but it hadn't better be after a dishwasher flood. I would lose my mind!!! said...

It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could come right now and I would be willing to cook for you! said...

oh and by the way those painters you got for free are pretty much professionals by this point