Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Belle

Isabelle Madison Stocks
born October 27, 2009
Affectionately called Baby Belle, Zizabelle or Madison
This picture was taken just a few days after she was born
Proud Grandpa Bryan. Wow grandpa you are starting to look old.
Proud Grandma Missy. Grandma hasn't aged a bit( NOT).
Check out the cute blanket. I made it.
The following picture was taken at about a month old when Britt and family came up for Thanksgiving. I call the baby Madison and Elizabeth has informed me that "her name is Zizabelle Madison not Madison", but after staying at grandma's house for a week Elizabeth came to like her grandma Missy more, and one day came up and said "grandma I like you alot AND I love you. You can call Zizabelle........Madison if you want". I guess I finally won her over. So now it is official I can call Baby Belle, Madison if I want.
Awww for cute.


Lisa Loo said...

She is sooo cute---mmmm--baby squish. Love that Elizabeth loves and likes you. I know I do!

Lisa Loo said...

Oh--and Missy HASN"T aged a bit--you have some wicked youthful genes girlfriend!