Friday, January 8, 2010

Alex and his favorite past time.

Alex loves to hunt and fish. His goal this fall was to fill all his tags. In 2 weeks he filled all his tags but 1...Bear. Kinda glad he didn't get the chance to fill that one. All animals were taken with his PINK bow. We are excited that our freezers (all4 of them) are FULL.
1 turkey, 6 deer, 1 Elk, and some grouse. He also got 2 porcupines and a racoon but they are NOT in the freezer they just raise havoc around the place. Those stinking racoons are not cute when they eat all the dogs food and get into everything. Grrrr.

We love to tease Alex about his "makeup" . It even comes in a little compact with different colors in it. The only thing missing is the Maybelline name. teehee
Guess they missed this shot. Because these bad boys are NOT in the freezer.
I think this is Bryan's favorite part of the hunt. Taking his goats.

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Lisa Loo said...

Love the goat pic! Alex is a machine! Like I've said before--I want to be on his team after the stores close down!