Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics style Blast from the Past


To get to this point was quite the ordeal.  If you will remember
the Olympics in SLC took place just a few months
after 9-11 and security was at an all time high.
The Sorenson's are known for carrying pocket knives
on them all the time.  Big NO-NO at the olympics.
The line to get in was 2 1/2  hrs long because of security.  
30 minutes before we get to the front of the line 
Brittany remembers she has a pocket knife
on her key chain so in the trash it went.  Does anyone else have a 
pocket knife or any kind weapon on them?  Sheepishly Alex 
reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife.  
Ok throw it in the garbage.
  No mom this is the Buck knife that grandpa gave me, 
this one is special.
Erik took pity and offers to run the mile back to 
his car and leave it there. 
Yeah Erik who has a really bad cold and is not feeling well.    
Erik got back just in time to get in the gate with us. 
Whew.  Now we can go in.  
The gates are guarded by military carrying machine guns and side arms. 
 It was very intimidating. They all had stern faces with frowns.   
BEEP BEEP  BEEP  Sir could you please step aside.  Not to bore you with 
the details they take Bryan aside and after several 
attempts to get through he had to strip down to a shirt and pants.
Meanwhile we are trying to get through with the rest of the family.  
Crap Alex do you have another knife.   No.  
Remember this is right after 9-11
2 big Army guys surround poor little Alex and scare 
the wholly crap out of him.
I now have a husband over in one area 
under guard and my little 10 year old 
surrounded by guards in another area.  
Wow a whole family of terrorists.  
Poor little kid was shaking and lower lip quivering because 
he was so scared.  Finally a ranking officer comes over 
and excuses the big scary guys 
and bends down to Alex's level and asks 
Alex if he has any weapons and what is in his pocket.  
Alex reaches in his pocket and pulls 
out a ............wait for it...........drum roll......
5 1/2 inch  x 5/8 " BOLT.  Well now 
there is weapon if I have ever seen one.  
The army guy was relieved, and wanded Alex with 
no beeps and let us go.  We just had to wait for Bryan
 to get dressed.  His weapon of mass destruction 
was a pair of Montana's official outerwear
..CARHART coveralls with metal snaps  and brass zippers
( you have to own a pair to live in Montana ..State law).

Erik and Tasha attend the  women's figure skating
finals (cardboard cutout and mural audience,
but hey they look real).  Erik loves to cheer with Mickayla.
They are on the very front row.

Alex on the winners podium after
winning GOLD in the luge.
Alex Sorenson - Ireland - Gold

Here is a picture of the actual medals they got to bring home.
These are Alex's for luge and curling

The Curling stones were alot heavier than we expected.
Brittany in the semi-finals.

Alex is pretty serious about this curling.
He is in the finals here.

Mickayla in the semi-finals.  She needed just a little help
from her fellow olympian (big sister Brittany).
Tasha last slide to take the bronze in the finals.

And the Winners Are....
Tasha Sorenson -USA -Bronze
Alex Sorenson - Ireland - Silver
Brittany Sorenson - USA- GOLD
Notice Alex and Brittany also got to
carry the Olympic Torch.
Tasha looks a little bummed about 3rd place.
Oh well better luck in 4 years.

We all had a great time and most of it was FREE!!!
We love free.
Thanks Brittany for calling us and telling 
us we just had to come down.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prom 2010
Tasha and her awesome date Justin.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Proof is in the Picture!

We just had to take a picture of the first 
BIG Event of 2010
ALEX reading a book. A real book with text and not just
pictures.  You are right in thinking it must be a book about hunting 
and fishing because it is!!  It is by Pat McManus and if you enjoy 
the outdoors and humor his books are a must read.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We are ready to ring in the new year.
From left to right: Brandon Dewey, Tasha, Alex,
Missy, Mickayla, & Bryan.
This year we decided to try Missoula's "First Night".
You buy a ticket and then can attend as many of the events
as you can pack in for free.

We started off by ice skating. One of our family favorites in the winter.

This is of Bryan and Tasha playing chess with the
"Octopus". His name is Greg Nowak of Missoula and is a
certified national chess master. Greg plays multile people
simultaneously and makes his moves between 5 and 15 seconds.
Needless to say both Tasha and Bryan lost. However
Bryan did have him pause and think a couple of
times which was pretty cool.

Off to the Carousel.

We ended the evening by dancing to a big band and
going to Denny's for a midnight snack.

I thought it was definitely worth the price and we were able
to go ice skating, watch a mime show, a hypnotist, view ice sculptures,
ride the carousel, listen to some musical groups (one was really funny),
listen to bagpipers through the door (we were too late to get in),
and just have fun being together. How many teens do you
know that will spend New Years Eve with
their parents and pretend they like it?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Done with Braces! Wahoo

Big Day
Finally the braces come OFF.
Dr. Silcher beginning the process.
Yeah. Look I get balloons and a pack of gum.
Mickayla's favorite assistant Rhonda. She is Awesome.
We really like Dr. Silcher and his staff. They are Top Notch.

Grand Champion

September 2009
Tasha entered a number of pieces of her artwork in
the Ravalli county fair. All of her pieces took a ribbon.
Most were a blue or red but on this one (my personal favorite)
a scratch art beauty, she received Grand Champion.
She was quite surprised but she deserved the status.
This picture does not come close to doing it justice.

Mickayla entered in the adult division of photography.
A hard category because there are so many. She got
reserve champion! Wahoo. The girls have done a great job and
we are proud of their artistic abilities.
Don't know where the picture is of Mickayla, if I find it I will post it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Photo Shoot 1B

I thought everyone might enjoy seeing some more pics
of the family. I always love to see everyones pictures
of their families so I think everyone else does too.
We think this skewed face of Alex's is so funny.

A 1/4 of Alex's life is spent thumbing through the Cabelas catalog.
I remember when I was in Italy we met a lady from Australia
who had a son who's dream was to one day go to America
and go to a Cabelas store. And he was 23.
So I guess this phenomenon is all over the world. Go figure.
I don't even want to know what Tasha was thinking.
We were just goofing off and then as we were going through the
pictures Mickayla said she really liked this one. Me too.
The kid is crazy.
I like the month on Mickayla. It is a perfect little wavy month.

Notice when the rest of us take pictures of the
photographer the color is not always the best but
I liked this picture of Bryan anyway.

Our attempt at Gingerbread houses.

This is Tasha's perfect little gingerbread house.
Of course she was at the table long after everyone else was gone.
Everything she does has to be a work of art.
Even when we make personal pizzas for dinner, the rest of us
have made ours and eaten them before she
has hers ready to put in the oven.

Mickayla's house. She worked and worked on a fence that just won't
cooperate so she finally gave up and left it unfinished.
I still think it is cute. I love hearts.
So Alex and Bryan had one to decorate together but Alex decided
they lived in a duplex and split it right down the middle.
You will notice they even have 2 different roof styles.
Crack me up. This first one is Bryan's side
and he wants to point out HE has a chimney
for his wood stove in his half.
This is Alex's half. Wouldn't ya know it... a log cabin. With bears
guarding the front. He even has icicles coming down.
Please take note of the gate, he was pretty proud of that.
I wouldn't be surprised if someday I pull
up to Alex's for a visit and it looks just like this.
I of course was the General Contractor and supervised the
construction and made sure they did not run out of building supplies.
I also was the camera crew to document the construction process.
(my way of getting out of making one).
Finished home photos were provided by Sorenson Photography.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Griz Football Cheerleaders!!

These pictures were taken at the height of
the "Grizzlies going to the semi-finals" frenzy.
I had already purchased these for Christmas but Tasha
got invited to one of the games,
(she could care less about football but it was her first Griz game)
and didn't have any Griz wear so I broke out the
presents a little early and we had a photo shoot.
Everyone loves a good hoodie!!

Notice we can't get rid of the camo from
one of our cheerleaders. I'm sure the shirt
underneath was camo too. Can you wear camo
on your mission?

How cute are these cheerleaders?!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving 2009

Brittany and her family made a surprise visit for Thanksgiving.
I had NO idea they were coming up and we were all
a little sad that Erik, Brittany and their families couldn't make
Thanksgiving but.... Britt surprised us. The only thing
that would have made it perfect is if Erik and crew would
have been able to make it. We really missed them.
This pic is all the cooks using the new kitchen
to cook up some fabulous food.
Calvin, Oren, and Elizabeth ready to chow down.
Elizabeth is the only 3 yr.old who when asked what
her favorite fruit is says GRAPEFRUIT. So Grandma always
makes sure she stops at Costco and buys the ready
to go grapefruit cups for Lulu.
The dress Lulu is wearing is Brittany's old Sunshine Generation
outfit. Lulu loved wearing it til it gave her a terrible rash.
Playing Hungry Hungry Hippo. Calvin really liked this game.
I love Goodwill here and their game selection.
Games are cheap and almost always have all the pieces.
Of course Thanksgiving in Montana is never complete unless
you go hunting for something. Alex just had to go duck hunting.
So before the rest of us were even finished eating
Alex is ready to go. That kid just quacks me up. haha