Friday, January 8, 2010

Erik's "White Coat" ceremony

In August of 2009 Erik received his white coat as part of the ceremony upon entering into the college of Pharmacy at the University of Utah (go Utes). We are so very proud of his dedication and hard work to get this far. You are on the downhill slide now Erik. Way to go!! We are very proud of Sharilyn too, she has had to be a single mom and live with Oscar the grouch during finals week. You guys are gonna make it!

Erik and his AWESOME family
Brakken, Sharilyn, Ryker

Here is the whole crew, minus Erik's friend Ryan, who attended the event. Sharilyn's family is with us as they always are there to support. We love the Hermann family. They are AWESOME. Our son-in -law Oren is standing next to Bryan in a red shirt in support of Erik. He was a REAL trooper to wear red because he is a BYU grad. and bleeds blue. Thanks Oren you will be sainted for your sacrifice.

Erik with Grandpa Glade & Grandma Arlene Sorenson

Aren't my girls beautiful!! Left to right Mickayla, Tasha, Elizabeth (granddaughter)
Brittany, and Sharilyn (D-I-L).

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Lady Jae said...

I think its awesome he has made it and done so good! Love the big fsmily pic also