Monday, January 25, 2010

Our attempt at Gingerbread houses.

This is Tasha's perfect little gingerbread house.
Of course she was at the table long after everyone else was gone.
Everything she does has to be a work of art.
Even when we make personal pizzas for dinner, the rest of us
have made ours and eaten them before she
has hers ready to put in the oven.

Mickayla's house. She worked and worked on a fence that just won't
cooperate so she finally gave up and left it unfinished.
I still think it is cute. I love hearts.
So Alex and Bryan had one to decorate together but Alex decided
they lived in a duplex and split it right down the middle.
You will notice they even have 2 different roof styles.
Crack me up. This first one is Bryan's side
and he wants to point out HE has a chimney
for his wood stove in his half.
This is Alex's half. Wouldn't ya know it... a log cabin. With bears
guarding the front. He even has icicles coming down.
Please take note of the gate, he was pretty proud of that.
I wouldn't be surprised if someday I pull
up to Alex's for a visit and it looks just like this.
I of course was the General Contractor and supervised the
construction and made sure they did not run out of building supplies.
I also was the camera crew to document the construction process.
(my way of getting out of making one).
Finished home photos were provided by Sorenson Photography.

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