Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We are ready to ring in the new year.
From left to right: Brandon Dewey, Tasha, Alex,
Missy, Mickayla, & Bryan.
This year we decided to try Missoula's "First Night".
You buy a ticket and then can attend as many of the events
as you can pack in for free.

We started off by ice skating. One of our family favorites in the winter.

This is of Bryan and Tasha playing chess with the
"Octopus". His name is Greg Nowak of Missoula and is a
certified national chess master. Greg plays multile people
simultaneously and makes his moves between 5 and 15 seconds.
Needless to say both Tasha and Bryan lost. However
Bryan did have him pause and think a couple of
times which was pretty cool.

Off to the Carousel.

We ended the evening by dancing to a big band and
going to Denny's for a midnight snack.

I thought it was definitely worth the price and we were able
to go ice skating, watch a mime show, a hypnotist, view ice sculptures,
ride the carousel, listen to some musical groups (one was really funny),
listen to bagpipers through the door (we were too late to get in),
and just have fun being together. How many teens do you
know that will spend New Years Eve with
their parents and pretend they like it?

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Deanna and Gary said...

OK that looked like fun! It also looked like it was snowing too. Ahhh did you and Brian have like the safety belts on when you were on the carosel?? Cuz it kinda looks like it and it did make me laugh.