Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics style Blast from the Past


To get to this point was quite the ordeal.  If you will remember
the Olympics in SLC took place just a few months
after 9-11 and security was at an all time high.
The Sorenson's are known for carrying pocket knives
on them all the time.  Big NO-NO at the olympics.
The line to get in was 2 1/2  hrs long because of security.  
30 minutes before we get to the front of the line 
Brittany remembers she has a pocket knife
on her key chain so in the trash it went.  Does anyone else have a 
pocket knife or any kind weapon on them?  Sheepishly Alex 
reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife.  
Ok throw it in the garbage.
  No mom this is the Buck knife that grandpa gave me, 
this one is special.
Erik took pity and offers to run the mile back to 
his car and leave it there. 
Yeah Erik who has a really bad cold and is not feeling well.    
Erik got back just in time to get in the gate with us. 
Whew.  Now we can go in.  
The gates are guarded by military carrying machine guns and side arms. 
 It was very intimidating. They all had stern faces with frowns.   
BEEP BEEP  BEEP  Sir could you please step aside.  Not to bore you with 
the details they take Bryan aside and after several 
attempts to get through he had to strip down to a shirt and pants.
Meanwhile we are trying to get through with the rest of the family.  
Crap Alex do you have another knife.   No.  
Remember this is right after 9-11
2 big Army guys surround poor little Alex and scare 
the wholly crap out of him.
I now have a husband over in one area 
under guard and my little 10 year old 
surrounded by guards in another area.  
Wow a whole family of terrorists.  
Poor little kid was shaking and lower lip quivering because 
he was so scared.  Finally a ranking officer comes over 
and excuses the big scary guys 
and bends down to Alex's level and asks 
Alex if he has any weapons and what is in his pocket.  
Alex reaches in his pocket and pulls 
out a ............wait for it...........drum roll......
5 1/2 inch  x 5/8 " BOLT.  Well now 
there is weapon if I have ever seen one.  
The army guy was relieved, and wanded Alex with 
no beeps and let us go.  We just had to wait for Bryan
 to get dressed.  His weapon of mass destruction 
was a pair of Montana's official outerwear
..CARHART coveralls with metal snaps  and brass zippers
( you have to own a pair to live in Montana ..State law).

Erik and Tasha attend the  women's figure skating
finals (cardboard cutout and mural audience,
but hey they look real).  Erik loves to cheer with Mickayla.
They are on the very front row.

Alex on the winners podium after
winning GOLD in the luge.
Alex Sorenson - Ireland - Gold

Here is a picture of the actual medals they got to bring home.
These are Alex's for luge and curling

The Curling stones were alot heavier than we expected.
Brittany in the semi-finals.

Alex is pretty serious about this curling.
He is in the finals here.

Mickayla in the semi-finals.  She needed just a little help
from her fellow olympian (big sister Brittany).
Tasha last slide to take the bronze in the finals.

And the Winners Are....
Tasha Sorenson -USA -Bronze
Alex Sorenson - Ireland - Silver
Brittany Sorenson - USA- GOLD
Notice Alex and Brittany also got to
carry the Olympic Torch.
Tasha looks a little bummed about 3rd place.
Oh well better luck in 4 years.

We all had a great time and most of it was FREE!!!
We love free.
Thanks Brittany for calling us and telling 
us we just had to come down.

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OrenBrittnkids said...

Jeepers those kids look little! That was SO much fun!! Alex was especially good at every event. Thanks for the post and the fun memories. Maybe I can get a copy of the pics?!