Sunday, March 22, 2009

Homeschool B-Ball

Mickayla has been playing on a homeschool basketball team for the last 2 years so I thought you might enjoy some pics for March madness.......starring Mickayla Sorenson(Blue shorts holding the ball).


Will she catch and shoot?

Blocking the pass.

The last game of the season the captain asked the girls to wear fun hair with red ribbons and paint their nails red. When they got there the girls also put on their "war paint" . We decided to all go and dress in red too. Britt's family was here and they joined in the fun.

Lulu got to sit on the bench with the girls.
What a lucky girl.
She loves chap stick and loves putting it on everyone whether you need it or not.
The night ended with a pizza party put on by our sponsors. It was all good clean fun, spent with people from all different religions, backgrounds, etc. no swearing or bad mouthing and great positive attitudes. This homeschool community is an awesome bunch of people!!


Lisa Loo said...

That looks like so much fun! Missy--You rock as SUPER MOM by finding all this great stuff for your kids to do!
Mack--YOU ROCK because you can run and bounce the ball at the same time--I will never be able to do that--you are my hero!
Lulu--YOU ROCK just cuz you do!

Lisa Loo said...

OH yeah--and YEAH MISSY--these are FAB posts--all hail the blog techno queen!!

Teri said...

That's so neat! We love a little good, clean fun!