Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's the big 18.  WOW.
Oops we are 7 days late with Alex's birthday message. Slacker mom!
Alex is attending the University of Montana for his senior year. He also attends institute which he really likes.  He is working part time as clean up crew at a local grocery store.  3 days ago he was told he could start working in the meat dept. learning to cut up meat.  That is what he wanted initially but had to wait until he was 18.  Since his Eagle award in July he has earned 2 palms. We are very proud of Alex and all his accomplishments.  But most of all we are extremely proud of the fine young stripling warrior that he has grow to be!


Lisa Loo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!!!!! What the hec are palms??!! Cuz I'm thinking he is maybe cutting peoples hands off---or--high fives??!!

OrenBrittnkids said...

Happy happy day buddy! We miss you...especially Oren he had to go paintballing today without you, but guess what he didn't get hit on the head! TEE HEE

Deanna and Gary said...

Could you have any more birthdays in March? Its good to see everyone growing up healthy and happy. Youve got quite the "bunch" hahahaha Call me Love ya