Monday, March 28, 2011

Our new house??

Take a look at the house Mickayla and I are hoping (really hard) to rent.
Isn't it adorable!!  I love it.  Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to rent it.
Can't you just see it with some hanging pots, a couple of rose bushes, some 4 o'clocks, and the lawn mowed. Oh and don't forget the garden Gnome.


Deanna and Gary said...

I love it! I really hopr it happens for you! Yea!!!!!

Lisa Loo said...

I can totally see it after some "Missy love"--Good luck!! We are sending all our good wishes in your direction!!!

supermanweldon said...

hello there! this is Elder Weldon, your sons current companion ha ha
so i have to say that you are officially from montana if you want a garden gnome ha ha but i love it! i love your son as my own brother as well :)