Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Jasmine's House"

One of the Krishna temples is located where Brittany lives in Utah.  Elizabeth (grandchild # 2) has always wanted to go to "Jasmine's" house, so while visiting with new baby we decided to take a trip to Jasmine's house.

 We think it is beautiful!

We took the tour of the temple and learned alot about Krishna Consciousness.  Our tour guides were awesome.  It was kinda funny though we were given a tour of the Krishna temple by members of the LDS faith.  hmmm?

Calvin, Elizabeth & Mickayla at the alter.

We got to play and chat/sing Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna.............
We ate lunch and had traditional Indian food.  Some was really good and some was a little too spicy for my tummy.  Elizabeth thought that the mandarin oranges and a cookie were a safe bet.  Calvin ventured out more and added cheese and spaghetti to his plate.  I tried a little of everything.  After lunch we went  to see the menagerie outside.

 "Is your Mama a llama?" said my daughter Mickayla
Calvin wasn't so sure about the llamas eating out of his hand.  Elizabeth said "no way".
We saw white peacocks (not albino), regular color peacocks,  & lots of llamas.  They also had a beautiful
pond with lots of coy that we could feed.

I think everyone had a good time except Elizabeth WAS a little disappointed 
that we never did see Jasmine. Darn. Maybe next time.


Wendy said...

Jasmine's house is beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as your family, Missy! Congratulations on the new Grandbaby!

Lisa Loo said...

LOVE that this was in Utah and you had LDS tour guides. Jasmine was just probably on a magic carpet ride......