Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ski Bunny or Skiing down the bunny hill

This is Mickayla and her instructor going down the bunny hill. This was Mickayla's first time skiing since she was about 5 or 6. After a few down times down the bunny hill she ditched the poles. I don't think I could ever ski without poles. I need my security blanket. She did a great job and it snowed all day so there was great snow to ski on.


OrenBrittnkids said...

go girlie go! i'm still too scared to go skiing after the one time that I did go and was on my butt the whole time.

Lisa Loo said...


kleinmanfamily said...

yea! Kayla!! where did you guys go skiing at??? all the snow looks like so much fun, but I am not missing it right now.