Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Coloring at the Sorenson's

At the Sorenson household we really "HUNT" our Easter eggs. We blast them with a .22 cal. rifle. It is the best way we have found to HUNT eggs.

Alex really got into coloring his "eggs" this year.


The following has been rated PG 13

for gore and the mention of violence.!!


We have I.G. Joe.

Named I.G. instead of G.I. from one of Bill Ingvall's comedy routines which our family thinks is funny.

Notice the camo helmet. Alex then decided I.G. Joe needed a girlfriend.

Now finding the right I.G. Jane was quite the task because each time right before she met I.G.Joe she kept getting killed in action (dropped on the floor or table). Finally one was found (made).

Just when I.G. Jane and I.G. Joe's eyes meet under heavy "shelling" (teehee), I.G. Jane is assassinated by a Sniper!!!

Joe runs to her side to save her but she has already given up the "yolk".

As blood runs down her dead face Jane ascends to that great breakfast plate in the sky. sniff, sniff, wipe nose

There was no before picture of Jane because the sniper got to her before the field photographer could snap some shots.

Notice exit wound.

Alas I.G. Jane could not fulfill I.G. Joe's desire for a combat ready "chick".

But as her egghead(body) was being lowered into the ground he saw his soul mate across the grave.

I.G. Josie.......

a match made on the battlefield of Bromley's egg plant.

Little do they know they are both in "Alex the Sniper's"

cross hairs only to be assassinated on Monday at high noon.

No Yolk, that is the end.
But tune in Tuesday for the R rated version of the assassination caught on tape.

No live chickens were killed in the making of this production
All egg artwork done by Alex Sorenson.

Just some more pics of coloring eggs. 8 dozen.

Kayla's candy corn.

I really rotated this before posting

(still computer illiterate)

Emo chick scared I.G. JOE camo?

Fun was had by all and the eggs are awaiting their fate on Monday. TeeHee

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Deanna and Gary said...

I especially liked EMO kid. Those were the funky..est fantastick eggs ever!!

Lisa Loo said...

I AM DYING!!ar-ar...pun...pun

YOu guys are way too funny---can't wait for Monday---do we get to come watch in person??!!

Pausing for a moment to mourn all those who cracked under pressure....

OrenBrittnkids said...

okay this was HILARIOUS! A little puny too. IG Joe still has me cracking up! This story is full of humor, drama, romance, suspense, and horror. A great mix with a little something for everyone. Everyone will definitely be pleased with this years #1 blogspot hit. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. (The only thing that would make it better were if we were all there too.)

Teri said...

Love it!!!! Can't wait for the update! I'm sure our festivities will pale in comparison! said...

HAHA, that was so funny, it made my day a little better. By the way Tasha I made a peace egg too, Fabulous minds think the same!

Perry/Soto Family said...

Hahaha no way! That is so cool! You guys are definately the coolest!

Tami said...

I LOVE IT!! So glad there was a happy ending...maybe... Alex is quite the hunter...did really like EMO

Lady Jae said...

looks like fun! I could not find your blog! I am glad you commented on mine so i could find it! I now have it added on mine in a new place so I wont loose it! How are you all? We are good. The kids are all so big! I have missed out on so much not being around them. I wish I knew them all better.