Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to Montana and a day with Daniel Boone

Remind me when it is hot and I want to go swimming in the river to cool off that this is what lurks in it's waters. I hate snakes and this pike looks a little snakish to me!! This bad boy is 28" long and weighed 5 lbs. Check out those teeth. They are really sharp too, just ask Alex(Daniel).

Daniel shot this "coon" with one shot out of one of our trees. It weighed 19 pounds!! 12 of that was from OUR dog food. Dang critters(I now get really annoyed with deer, birds, and little critters, they destroy everything!!). Daniel has also been hunting gophers and rock chucks. A local rancher has put a bounty on them. .50cents each. The other day they
made $ 22.00. This kid is total Montanan!! Ask us to tell you about the 22 gophers he shot and put in a 5 gallon bucket and then forgot to turn them in the next day to the rancher..... SOUP anyone? YUCKY!!!!! Just let your imagination run wild on that one and it still won't come close to the real thing. GAG!! Soup that moves. And the stench...WOW.

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Lady Jae said...

that is one BIG gross fish! He has grown so much. I wish I had been around to know them all more