Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This is the nation's
Christmas tree and this is main street downtown Stevensville. And just where did that tree come from? That's right! Right here in Montana about 25 miles down the road from our house. It is making it's way back to Washington D.C. and it's first stop was in Stevensville. I think it was pretty cool. The tree is about 100 feet tall. They had a short program and we could all view the tree(semi truck with tarps). They did have some veiwing windows in the back where you could see the very top of the tree. A local Montanan wrote the official 2008 Capitol Christmas Tree ballad, and he preformed the song for us.

We were all encouraged to sign the banner that goes with it. Isn't the back of Mickayla's head so cute.

The "Heart of Montana"

Merry Christmas America

with Love from Montana


Lisa Loo said...

How come you never tell me about this cool stuff??!! I swear girlfriend--you should start a business that you send out a monthly letter or email full of all the fun stuff to do---i know I would pay the bucks!! Looks like fun--

Arlene said...

Hi Mickayla, Well it looks like Britt was sucessful in showing me how to respond to your family blog. You have done a great job and I think your layout is very nice! Oh, by the way, your hair looks way dark in the pictures, what's happened? (smile) Love ya lots!....Grandma